Places of Interest

  • Igoumenitsa – The nearest large town situated 43kms away. There is a regular ferry service across to Corfu.
  • The Holy Monastery of Giromeri – The Holy View of the Monastery of the Patriarchal and Stavropygian Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Giromeri is located in the border area of the Prefecture of Thesprotia, eight kilometers northeast of the city of Filiates, near the Greek-Albanian border, built at an altitude of three hundred meters on its western slopes of Pharmakovouni mountain.
  • Sagiada – Small fishing village near the Greek-Albanian border. It is famous for the wonderful fish dishes that you can enjoy at the seaside taverns
  • Nekromanteion – The entrance to Hades where the ancient Greeks went to speak to the dead for advice.
  • Acheron River – Beautiful turquoise water. Beautiful scenery, now protected by the nature network.
  • Zalogo – Statue of the women of Souli who sacrificed themselves by jumping off the mountain to escape capture by the troops of Ali Pasha.
  • Nikopolis – large archaeological site founded by Octavian in commemoration of his victory at the battle of Aktion.
  • Parga – The Cosmopolitan holiday village of Epirus.

Δεν χρειάζεται τώρα πια να ταξιδέψετε μακριά για να βρείτε την ηρεμία και την ομορφιά, πολύ κοντά, στην παράδοση του παρθένου τουριστικά τόπου στη Γλυκή.

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